• Teshira Newton

#TheSupermarket: Getting Started on your Plant based Journey

Updated: May 3, 2020

The first question I asked myself when thinking about going plant based was, " How in the world am I going to start" . The thought of all the expenses was my top priority and I didn't want to break the bank on a new way of eating especially when I didn't know if it was going to be sustainable for me or not.

Rule #1 : Start Small

- Make use of your everyday seasonings you have in your home. Stock up on the vegetables you already enjoy and don't over think it. As you continue on your journey, ideas will come along and your creative brain will start rolling. #BEEASYONYOURSELF.

Rule #2 : Lifestyle > Diet Plan

- We hear this all the time- " This is a lifestyle change" . This saying is very true. Living a plant based lifestyle is something that builds deeper over time. The small steps will become big leaps but you must be patient .

Rule #3 : Make a Plan

What are you going to eat this week? I always make a plan and then have some extra options. Meal prepping saves the day all the time. I know what I need for the week and Im ready to hit the grocery store!

Rule #4: Look for the Deals

Buying food that is fresh can get expensive so be smart about it. Look around take your time and catch those deals! Sometimes I spend an hour in the supermarket just making sure I've gotten the best deal I can from the store. Don't go broke trying to start your plant based journey that is a big mistake !

Rule # 5 : HAVE FUN !

This is a new journey for all of us and as we continue it is most important to have fun in the kitchen . Laugh at your mistakes and be open minded to trying new things. You've got this !

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