• Teshira Newton

Soy-Garlic Broccoli

This is a fun one ! Sometimes I just really want something different. This Soy-Garlic tastes like it came straight from Take out . Pair this with quinoa, brown or white rice! Enjoy

Garlic Sauce

1/2 Cup of Soy Sauce

1/4 Cup of Water

1 Tsp of Red Pepper flakes

1/4 cup of Green onion

1 tsp of Brown sugar

1 tbsp of garlic

1 tbsp of ginger

1/4 cup of CornStarch


Steam your broccoli for 3-4 mins in a pot with water. Remove from heat when done. Heat your pan or wok and insert your water, ginger, garlic and green onion and let come to a simmer. Pour in your soy sauce and Brown sugar allow to simmer. Mix your cornstarch with some water before pouring into the pan with other ingredients . Let thicken and add your Broccoli. Stir for 2 minutes and remove from heat .

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